Specialized Tax

Taxe Cible Services Inc. offers to a special clientele a range of specialized services for tax planning. Company’s directors and entrepreneurs often face a number of questions in their own tax situation and thecompany’s. Examples:
  • Purchase / sale of company shares
  • Estate freeze
  • Share Capital Reorganization
  • Corporate Reorganization
  • Salary Structure for shareholders
  • Change in personal company incorporated business
  • Creation or management of a Holding company
  • Tax impact on major transactions

Purchase / sale of a business

Many of our mandates include assisting corporate sellers. Unfortunately, there is no common formula and each case is different. Therefore, an analysis is necessary to measure the tax impact of such a transaction.

We also assist buyers. The first decisions are important because they set the tone on the management of the new business and the company entity.

  • Evaluation of tax impacts
  • Tax planning and steps of transaction
  • Design of a Corporate structure
  • Establishment of the corporate structure
  • Capital Gain Deduction
  • Sales of assets or sales of shares
  • Purchase of assets or purchase of shares
  • Fusion of company
  • Liquidation or closure of company

Creating or Consultation for:

  • Testamentary trust
  • Asset Protection Trust
  • Personal trust
  • Family Trust

Entrust your tax to Taxe Cible Services

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