Assisting other professionals

The hybrid nature of our expertise allows us to offer to other professional our tax services. Indeed, we may attend primarily of lawyers, notaries, accountants and financial planners to complement the services offered to their customers.

We are able to bring a tax support to you and your client. We can take charge of this client, work with you through our office or yours, we can even work behind the scene or under the veil of your office. We operate according to your instructions and remain flexible in this regard. You can be the prime contractor and we will act in our field in the role that you assign us.

We are aware that the ultimate goal is to provide outstanding tax services to create added value and thus meet your expectations and those of your client regarding his tax issue. We always work with integrity and always in compliance with tax laws. These values remain our own and are not negotiable!

Do not hesitate to contact a member of our tax team for more information.

Entrust your tax to Taxe Cible Services

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