Tax Update


For whatever reason, incomes may have not been declared. It may be unfiled returns or unreported income. In such a case, a company, an individual or a trust does not comply with the Income Tax Act because a taxpayer is supposed to report its revenue from worldwide source for a Canadian tax resident and Canadian sources for a non-resident taxpayers of Canada.

Taxe Cible Services can help regulate your situation. Depending on the case, we will propose a solution and we will guide you throughout this process of regulation.

A tax professional can represent you or work with you in the following cases:

  • Late Statements
  • Income from previous years undeclared
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Negotiation with tax authorities

Please consult a tax professional to discuss the problem. We will review the situation and will suggest the best scenario. Our full knowledge, experience and contact will be used in such case to regulate a situation. Feel free to ask us any questions.