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  • Taxation is a special field in itself and therefore it is not known subject from all. Tax experts at Taxe Cible Service Inc, will endeavor to give you advice so you can make the best decisions on taxation, management and your finances.

    The tax law has always followed the old principle that it was well established that, unless otherwise provided by law, the taxpayer is entitled to arrange their affairs for the sole purpose of being in a favorable situation for tax . [Comment repeated in Ludco v. The Queen 2001 SCC 62]

    Tax specialist at Taxe Cible Services Inc have good tax experience and the resources that can help you organize your affairs so as to create economies and thus promote your development. Tax professionals working for the firm help taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes and duties in society and only if they are required. Our tax pledge through their research in the tax laws to find the best ways to improve business performance.

    Whether you are an individual, a corporation or trust, Tax Cible Services will be able to help you complete your tax obligations according to the rules under the tax laws such as the Income Tax Act Taxes of Canada, Income Tax act of Quebec and all other Canadian tax laws and, optimally to minimize your tax costs.

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